Railway Safety Critical Graphics Market

Railway transportation systems, such as trains and trams, are using increasingly more complex electronic subsystems which are replacing traditional mechanical and manual systems. This is resulting in a higher degree of dependency by railways and trains on software applications with safety critical functions. These safety critical software applications are required to be certified to EN 50128 which through transnational cooperation is internationally acknowledged. EN 50128 is based on the IEC 61508 standard for electrical/electronic/programmable electronic equipment and defines the safety requirements of software for railway applications such as communication, signaling and processing for railway control and protection systems.

One of the critical factors in the design of modern display systems is the availability and assurance of information.  Integral to high reliability display systems is the requirement that a display operate in a deterministic and real-time way.  It is realized that safety information and features cannot be reliably communicated unless the display can be trusted to operate in a predictable manner.  This safety design approach is standard practice in today’s avionics platforms and in many industrial and military land and sea systems.  Safety critical display systems rely on software and hardware designed to operate without fail under difficult environmental and application conditions.

Core Avionics and Industrial, CoreAVI, is bringing years of experience in the avionics marketplace combined with automotive console display experience to the railway industry.  With the ratification of OpenGL SC2.0 in April of 2016, a full complement of 3D graphics and video libraries is now available for use in real-time safety critical railway applications.

CoreAVI's CertCore50128™ safety certification data packages and product families can be used by railway display system developers to facilitate EN 50128 certifications up to Software Safety Integrity Level (SSIL) 4.   Our depth and breadth of experience in various safety certification markets ensure that our products attain certification compliance, thereby reducing schedule, cost and risk for our customers.