GPU Hypervisor

For sharing one or more GPUs across multiple guest operating systems or where mixed criticality applications are involved, CoreAVI’s HyperCore™ GPU manager is the recommended option for the ArgusCore™ family of OpenGL drivers.

HyperCore virtualizes the hardware graphics/video capabilities such that one or more GPU resources can be shared by multiple rendering partitions with deterministic and bounded execution time. GPU health monitoring is extended to include a real-time watchdog to ensure partition integrity and GPU command execution.

HyperCore is fully integrated with ArgusCore, EncodeCore™ and DecodeCore™ as well as fully supporting TrueCore™ GPU health monitoring in dedicated partitions.

Supports RTOS, including Wind River VxWorks, SYSGO PikeOS, Green Hills Integrity, DDCI-Deos, Lynx Software LynxOS, Linux and configurable for proprietary RTOS.


Product Briefs:

HyperCore GPU virtualization manager. Click here for product brief PDF

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