Embedded OpenGL Drivers

OpenGL graphics driver libraries for Real Time Operating Systems (RTOS)

For graphics applications requiring safety certification and/or a high Technology Ready Level (TRL), CoreAVI’s suite of real-time and safety-critical OpenGL drivers provide a proven solution. CoreAVI’s wide range of OpenGL driver capabilities are a superset of Khronos, summarized in the following table:

Embedded OpenGL Drivers ArgusCore GL1.3 ArgusCore ES2 ArgusCore SC1 ArgusCore SC2
API OpenGL 1.x OpenGL ES2.0 + Extensions OpenGL SC 1.0.1 + Extensions OpenGL SC2.0 + Extensions
Architecture  Fixed Pipeline Programmable Shaders Fixed Pipeline Programmable Shaders
Context Management EGL 1.4 EGL 1.4 EGL 1.4 EGL 1.4
Integrated Video Capture API
Multiple GPU
Avionics Certification - - DO-178C DAL A DO-178C DAL A
Automotive Certification - - ISO 26262 ASIL D ISO 26262 ASIL D
Railway Certification - - EN 50128 SSIL 4 EN 50128 SSIL 4
FACE Aligned - General Purpose Profile

General  Purpose Profile

Safety Profile

Security Profile

General Purpose Profile

Safety Profile

Security Profile

RTOS Support        
  Wind River
  Green Hills Software Integrity
  DDC-I Deos

  Lynx Software  LynxOS

  Proprietary OS
Multi-Application Support        
Multiple Partition
Multi-thread Multi-partition
Multicore Support        
Symmetric Multiprocessing
Asymmetric Multiprocessing
Hypervisor Multicore (HyperCore™)
Security Support        
GPU Security (SecureCore™)


All CoreAVI drivers are designed and developed from the ground up to ensure safety, reliability and security requirements can be fully met.  We do not include open source or third-party software  in any of our drivers.

CoreAVI’s EGL 1.4, which is part of the ArgusCore graphics library suite, is available with an option to include the EGL_EXT_compositor extension. This extension allows for the composition of multiple windows within a multi-partition EGL system including information assurance. Details can be found on the Khronos website here

To detect functional failures, a comprehensive suite of Built-In-Tests (BIT) are included with each ArgusCore™  OpenGL driver. The application can call an optimal set of BIT functionality for Power-on BIT (PBIT), Continuous BIT (CBIT) and Initiated BIT (IBIT) to achieve mission requirements.

In addition to the comprehensive BIT, CoreAVI specifically addresses concerns with displaying hazardously misleading information, as described in the Certification Authority Software Team (CAST) Position Paper 29 entitled “Use of COTS Graphical Processors (GCP) in Airborne Display Systems,” with a TrueCore™  safety monitor plug-in module. 

Low-latency video-capture is supported when interfacing to video-capture hardware external to the GPU through built-in ArgusCore driver functions.

ArgusCore driver options include DecodeCore™  and EncodeCore™  for GPU video decoder and video encoder specific hardware accelerator support. Further information about DecodeCore and EncodeCore is available here.

CoreAVI’s growing list of GPU support includes AMD Radeon E4690, AMD Radeon E8860, AMD G Series, VIVANTE GC2000 to GC7000 graphics cores integrated with NXP’s i.MX6, i.MX8 and S32V product families, Intel HD4000, Intel HD5000 and latest generation.

For select GPUs, CoreAVI is a special value-added reseller addressing component obsolescence with 20+ year availability along with industrial temperature screening to address rugged operating environment requirements. Further information is available here.

Proven integration with popular human-machine interface tools such as ANSYS SCADE, Ensco Avionics’ iData, DiSTI GL Studio and Presagis VAPS XT to reduce risk and speed time to market.

Based on a highly modular architecture, CoreAVI can optimize for your specific applications and quickly adapt the OpenGL drivers to new hardware platforms, operating systems and even add unique specific features.

Contact us using the form on the right to discuss how CoreAVI can help you succeed. 

Product Briefs:

ArgusCore SC:  CoreAVI’s ArgusCore SC1 drivers are a superset of Khronos’ OpenGL SC 1.0.1. Click to download PDF

ArgusCore SC2: The industry’s very first OpenGL SC 2.0 graphics driver. CoreAVI’s ArgusCore SC2 drivers are a superset of Khronos’ OpenGL SC 2.0. Click to download PDF

ArgusCore ES2/GL1.3: Designed to enable the best  performance capabilities of lower and higher powered  graphics processors for embedded applications. Click to download PDF

TrueCore GPU health monitoring.  Click to download PDF

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EncodeCore: Driver enabling GPU hardware accelerated video encoding to compress and stream multiple independent high definition video files. For more information, click here:  Product brief PDF

HyperCore: GPU virtualization manager. For more information, click here:  Product brief PDF

CertCore178: Avionics DO-178C/ED-12C Software Certification Data Packages. For more information, click here:  Product brief PDF

CertCore26262: Road vehicle safety certification data packages. For more information, click here:  Product brief PDF

CertCore50128: Railway Software Safety Certification Data Packages. For more information, click here: Product Brief PDF

EGL_EXT_Compositor: FACE-aligned Safety Critical Compositor, click here: Product Brief PDF

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