Complete DO-254/DO-178C Safety Certifiable Platform Solutions







Are you looking for an off-the-shelf hardware solution that:

  • Allows you to build it yourself using your manufacturing capabilities?
  • Allows you to modify it to meet your unique requirements?
  • Offers you a lower cost solution than your competitors?
  • Provides you with the latest technology?
  • Offers you a low risk safety certifiable DO-254 solution?

COTS-D, or COTS Designs, is the completely new and unique way for Mil/Aero/Avionics systems suppliers to procure Commercial-Off-The-Shelf hardware solutions that are certifiable to DO-254 requirements along with associated software components that are certifiable to DO-178C.

Instead of procuring completed assemblies, COTS-D allows system integrators to purchase turn key designs that they can build themselves in their own manufacturing facilities alongside their existing products, or through a Contract Manufacturer. This approach to manufacturing COTS meets requirements for in-country investment and control for secure supply and repair. COTS-D provides the same time-to-market benefits and provides greater flexibility in meeting unique requirements compared to traditional COTS solutions.

To further speed up development and deployment and to significantly lower risk, CoreAVI is using our many years of experience in developing DO-178C safety certifiable software, to provide pre-integrated software and associated DO-178C artifacts required to support the COTS-D hardware, from Board Support Packages and device drivers to even the complete operating system environment in some cases.

Read our COTS-D factsheet for more details. 

Take a look at our growing line of COTS-D modules:

Single Board Computers

NXP T2081/T1042-based Single Board Computer (SBC) for applications requiring the best performance per watt from a safety certifiable Power Architecture®-based processor including an XMC expansion site to maximize the functionality in a single-slot of a 3U VPX system. 

Graphics/Compute Modules

GPM0001 E9171 GPU-based Processor Module High Performance GPU-based Processor Module for applications requiring high performance GPU processing and messaging with in-slot output formatting and video capture customization through a personality module. 

GPM0002 AMD Embedded Radeon™ E9171 compact GPU XMC module for applications requiring optimal balance of performance and power efficiency from a safety certifiable graphics and compute solution for up to five simultaneous displays. 


Application Ready Certifiable (ARC) Solutions

CoreAVI can provide an Application Ready Certifiable (ARC) Solution that includes software to support the hardware offered. Software support is provided for all the common safety certifiable real time operating systems available. To learn more, read our ARC Product Overview:

ARC Solution: T2081/T1042 + E9171 + DDC-I Deos

Don’t see what you need?  Please contact us at to determine if we can help support your certifiable application needs.

GPM0001 E9171 GPU-based Processor Module

The GPM0001, an AMD Embedded Radeon™ E9171-based 3U VPX GPU processing module (GPM), is i...
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GPM0002 E9171-based Graphics/Compute Engine

The AMD Embedded Radeon™ E9171 compact GPU module is ideal for avionics and defense applicatio...
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T2081/T1042-based Single Board Computer

The T2081/T1042-based Single Board Computer (SBC) is ideal for avionics and defense applications req...
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