Intel® HD Graphics 4000/5000

Intel HD Graphics 4000/5000 on Atom™, Core i3™, Core i5™, and Core™ i7 CPUs & SoCs

 CoreAVI’s real-time OpenGL driver suite and safety certification package for Intel® HD graphics enables high reliability customers access to popular Intel processors with a wide range of features and performance capabilities. CoreAVI’s embedded graphics solutions enable system manufacturers in aerospace, defense, medical, industrial and automotive markets to deploy Intel® HD graphics architectures in real-time and safety critical systems.

CoreAVI’s OpenGL ES/SC driver suite for Intel® HD graphics includes support for a broad range of Intel® HD 4000 and HD 5000 graphics processors integrated with Atom™, Core i3™, Core i5™, and Core™ i7 CPUs and SoCs.  CoreAVI’s drivers are aligned with the latest Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE™) Technical Standard and include the availability of FAA DO-178C and EASA ED-12C certification evidence up to Design Assurance Level A.

​CoreAVI’s Intel® HD graphics driver architectures supports a wide range of multicore configurations, multiple guest OS and secure time and space partitioning. CoreAVI’s hypervisor graphics driver module enables the efficient safe and secure use of a single graphics processor utilized across multiple independent operating systems and applications.