Industrial Temperature Screened AMD E4690 GPU

AMD E4690; Discrete Graphics Processor for Avionics, Military and Industrial Platforms

The industrial temperature screened Radeon™ E4690 from CoreAVI delivers stunning 2D/3D graphics and video performance in embedded computing environments ranging from handheld devices to leading edge aircraft cockpit displays. With 3x the performance of AMD's previous generation embedded GPUs, this graphics processor offers remarkably low power consumption and scalable power management options for resource-constrained devices. State of the art features include dual HD video streaming, a 128-bit memory interface and 512MB on-chip GDDR3 memory.


Product Overview

Industrial Temperature Screened AMD E4690 GPU

CoreAVI provides high performance embedded OpenGL ES and OpenGL SC graphics and H.264 video decode drivers for the E4690, with support for a number of system configurations and RTOSs including Wind River VxWorks, DDC-I Deos, Green Hills INTEGRITY and customer proprietary OSs. Product options include a DO-178C certifiable version of the driver (up to Design Assurance Level A) for safety critical environments, including all certification evidence required for regulatory approval.

  • Extended temperature screened
  • OpenGL driver support for RTOS
  •  H.264 video decode driver support for RTOS
  • ED-12C/DO-178C Level A & DO-254 data packages
  •  20+ year supply program