Future Airborne Capability Environment

CoreAVI is an active member of the Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE) Consortium, a managed consortium of The Open Group that is standardizing open standards solutions to avionics systems. CoreAVI’s real time and safety critical OpenGL graphics drivers are aligned with the latest FACE Technical Standards.  CoreAVI’s FACE aligned products have been selected and successfully deployed by industry leading systems avionics systems and aircraft manufacturers requiring a complete FACE aligned solution stack.

Our participation with FACE and our direct partnerships with its key members includes the completion of technology integrations to ensure product interoperability across the entire FACE technology stack that enables real time and safety critical graphics/video applications. CoreAVI’s ongoing product development initiatives emphasizes the use of open standards to promote the reuse of technology investments across multiple different platforms thereby reducing time and costs to next generation avionics system deployments.

CoreAVI continues its commitment to advance modular and interoperable open architecture avionics to deliver the most advanced and cost-effective embedded graphics solutions. As a supplier of software and hardware products developed to industry open standards such as the Khronos Group OpenGL SC and OpenCL, RTCA DO-178C, DO-254 and EASA ED-12C, CoreAVI adheres to the concept of interoperable standards and strict oversight and planning provided by the FACE approach.  The oversight and planning provided by the FACE approach in this process is recognized by CoreAVI as an important milestone in the marketplace.