Video Encode Drivers for RTOS and Safety Critical Systems

CoreAVI's EncodeCore™ is a real time and safety critical H.264/H.265 video encode driver that enables the hardware video encoder that is built-in modern graphics and system on chip processors. This driver allows applications to encode raw video images with much lower CPU usage and power consumption than would be possible with a software-only encoder. CoreAVI’s video encode drivers are deployed in airborne display systems to encode the graphics/video output enabling applications requiring recoding, low bandwidth transmission and other capabilities were compressed video is required.

The video decode drivers operates with CoreAVI’s ArgusCore™ SC1/SC2 family of OpenGL graphics drivers and Vulkan®-based VkCore SC™ graphics and compute drivers. The driver architecture and API ensures high efficiency and low latency between the graphics hardware and the video encode hardware. The resulting compressed video is made available on the host single board computer as raw H.264/H.265 data. The raw data can then be packaged by the application into a desired format that can be transmitted, recorded and played back on video players supporting the packaged format.

Features & Benefits

  •  Fully thread safe implementation
  • Low power and high performance hardware-accelerated video encode of H.264/H.265 video streams
  • Fully integrated with CoreAVI’s ArgusCore (OpenGL) graphics drivers and Vulkan-based VkCore SC graphics and compute driv-ers for minimum latency and overhead
  • Supports multiple independent (16+ streams) simultaneous video encode files and/or streams simultaneously
  • Video frame encoding occurs in GPU with result placed in host single board computer memory with low CPU utilization
  • Can encode GPU graphics output (framebuffer) and video stored in single board computer memory
  • Metadata support for width and height, ate control data, encoded frame type (I or P) and reference frame tracking
  • Supports multicore virtualized system configurations
  • Supports RTOS, including Wind River® VxWorks®, SYSGO® PikeOS™, QNX® OS, Green Hills® INTEGRITY®, DDC-I Deos™, Lynx Software Technologies LynxOS®, Linux and configurable for proprietary RTOS
  • Operates in conjunction with DecodeCore™ (CoreAVI’s Video Decode driver suite)
  • Available with CertCore178™ (DO-178C / ED12-C Avionics) Level A safety certification packages