Commercial/Civil Aircraft Systems

CoreAVI is the world’s leading supplier of real time safety critical graphics drivers and embedded graphics processors to civil and commercial cockpit display manufacturers. Our ArgusCore SC™ OpenGL driver suite and graphics processors have been certified by FAA/EASA/Transport Canada and are flying in the cockpits of most major civil and commercial aircraft display systems, including Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, COMAC, Dassault , Embraer, Gulfstream, Pilatus, Sikorsky and others. 

CoreAVI continuously invests in the development of new technologies and approaches to enable the safety certification of real time and advanced graphics systems used in commercial avionics. CoreAVI successfully completed the industry's very first OpenGL graphics driver certification project that included completing the DO-178C standard. CoreAVI also released the world's very first OpenGL SC 2.0 driver libraries designed to enable high performance graphics and DAL A avionics safety certifications.

CoreAVI's CertCore178™, CertCore254™ and TrueCore™ safety certification data packages and product families are used by avionics display system developers to facilitate FAA DO-178C, DO-254 and EASA ED-12C certifications up to DAL (Design Assurance Level) A.   Our FAA DER is fully integrated into all of our engineering processes and we work directly with the FAA to review product designs and concepts to ensure that our products attain certification compliance, thereby reducing schedule, cost and risk for our customers.

CoreAVI's approach to supporting our civil and commercial avionics customers also includes GPU component temperature screening and 20+ year component supply programs that are designed specifically to support the extensive aircraft product lifecycle supply requirements. CoreAVI’s comprehensive suite of real-time graphics and video drivers, complete DO-178C and DO-254 certification packages, and 20-year component supply programs provide civil and commercial flight display manufacturers with low risk, high performance, and platform-scalable avionics graphics solutions.