CENELEC EN 50128 Railway Safety Certification Package

CoreAVI's CertCore50128™ is comprised of the certification evidence and dataset required to support the safety certification of CoreAVI’s graphics and video software products in railway control and protection systems.  CertCore50128 includes certification data packages to support CENELEC EN-50128 SIL 4 safety compliance.  

CertCore50128  is developed under the guidance of experienced certification specialists and delivered to customers with everything required to comply with CENELEN 50128, including  safety manuals, test code, test results, trace matrices and all related documentation.  Certification data packages are available for the following CoreAVI products:

ArgusCoreSC™ (Suite of  Safety Certifiable OpenGL graphics drivers)

DecodeCore™ (H.264/MPEG2 video decode drivers)

EncodeCore™ (H.264/MPEG2 video encode drivers)

HyperCore™ (Graphics Hypervisor GPU Manager)

TrueCore™  (GPU Software Safety Monitor)

CertCore50128 Safety Certification Package

  •  Safety Manual
  •  Safety Plan
  •  Software Development Plan
  •  Software Verification Plan
  •  Software Coding, Development and Requirements Standards
  •  Software Requirements Specification
  •  Software Architecture Description
  •  Low Level Requirements
  •  Test Cases/Test Procedures
  •  Software Verification Results
  •  Data and Control Coupling Analysis Report
  •  Structural Coverage Analysis Report (statement, DC, MC/DC)
  •  Safety Case

Features & Benefits

  •  Designed to facilitate CENELEC EN 50128 Railway Software Safety Integrity Level (SSIL) 4 railway control and protection systems software safety certifications
  •  Addresses the need for railway-specific safety critical electrical and electronic systems
  •  CENELEC EN 50128 safety package options are available for SSIL 1 to 4
  •  SSIL 4 independence implemented on all activities independent of project designated SSIL.
  •  Complete Set of Test Cases and Test Procedures for all software products
    •  Robustness of Test Procedures
    •  665+ HLR-based Test Procedures
    •  978+ LLR-based Test Procedures
    •  Provides 100% Statement Coverage
  •  Extensive Technical Support
    •  Certification package is adaptable to address customer specific safety requirements
    •  CENELEC EN 50128 audit support available through to final railway certification