With higher level of console display functionality and sophistication, including the increasing number of complexity of safety alert and warnings, it is more critical than ever to have a display that can be trusted to operate in a predicable manner.  Building on CoreAVI’s experience with providing graphics drivers that are FAA certified and used in cockpits, CoreAVI has developed safety critical automotive display drivers, AutoCore, from the ground up following ISO 26262.  These automotive display drivers support the leading real time operating systems used in the automotive industry with the latest industry standard safety certifiable graphics APIs such as OpenGL SC 2 as defined by Khronos.

Low latency video capture is supported when interfacing to video capture hardware through built in AutoCore driver functions.

Based on a highly modular architecture, CoreAVI can optimize for your specific applications and quickly adapt the AutoCore drivers to new hardware platforms, operating systems and even add unique specific features.

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 Product Briefs:

AutoCore: CoreAVI’s.  automotive display driver developed following ISO 26262. Click to download Product Brief PDF

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