ArgusCore SC1™

CoreAVI's ArgusCore SC™ a suite of real time  OpenGL SC 1.0  scalable graphics drivers that are designed to enable the best  performance capabilities of lower and higher powered  graphics processors and achieve the highest levels of safety critical certifications, including FAA DO-178C / EASA ED-12C Level A and ISO 26262 ASIL D certification. 

Proven, Avionics Certified and Flying Today

The ArgusCore SC product family are industry proven solutions that have successfully achieved rigorous avionics FAA/EASA certifications and are currently deployed in civil, commercial and defense aircraft display systems worldwide. Today, the products are being deployed by avionics manufacturers from 23 different countries into a wide range of avionics display systems, such as primary flight displays, multifunctional mission computers, UAV ground control stations, and synthetic vision enhancement systems.

ArgusCore SC1™


CoreAVI’s ArgusCore SC1 drivers are a superset of Khronos’ OpenGL SC 1.0 API specification (OpenGL for safety critical applications). The OpenGL SC 1.0 graphics libraries are implemented to support a fixed function graphics rendering pipeline. Today, CoreAVI’s ArgusCore SC1 libraries are used extensively in certified avionics display systems utilizing fixed function safety critical graphics applications. 


Available today, CoreAVI’s complete FAA DO-178C and EASA ED-12C Level A certification data packages support the use of ArgusCore SC graphics drivers in any FAA DO-178C / EASA ED-12C avionics safety certification.

Modular and Adaptable Architecture

Based on a highly modular architecture, CoreAVI can optimize their customer’s specific applications and quickly adapt the OpenGL libraries to new hardware platforms, operating systems and even add customer specific features. Video capture enhancements, display controller settings, and deterministic memory management modules can be quickly modified to address unique device specific requirements. 

Supported Graphics Processors

The ArgusCore SC product family supports a number of popular graphics and system on chip processor families. CoreAVI’s R&D and certification teams are continuously evaluating all GPUs available on the market and continue to add new graphics processors to its growling list of supported platforms.

Temperature Screened AMD Radeon E4690, E8860 GPUs, G Series SoC  NXP i.MX6 SoC Processor Families VIVANTE GC880 to GC7000 GPU Cores  Intel HD 4000, HD 5000 GPU families Atom™, Core™ i3, Core™ i5, and Core™ i7 CPUs and SoCs